I'm single

Adult and child holding hands

 A foster carers relationship status is not an important factor when fostering, as long as you can provide a loving, safe and stable environment 

I don't own my own house

Keyring in shape of a house

 You don't need to own your own home to become a foster carer. If you rent all we ask is that you receive written permission that you can use the house for fostering 

I can't drive

Cartoon picture of a blue car

You don’t need to drive to be able to foster, but you would need to consider the needs of the child and getting them to and from school or any supervisions

I don't have my own children

Picture of two adults and two children

You do not need to have children to be able to become a foster carer. However, it is important to portray the relevant childcare experience that you have


I am from the LGBT community

LGBT flag

Your sexual orientation does not affect your ability to foster a child.  As long as you are able to support a child, giving them a loving safe environment

I am too old

Hands holding in a circle

There is no upper age limit to becoming a foster carer, as long as you have the time, commitment and energy to look after a child or young person and change a life